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If you wish to marry there are a number of things to do in preparation.


1. Contact Fr. Vincent to arrange a date and time for your wedding.

2. About 6 months before the wedding contact Fr. Vincent again to arrange a meeting to go over the the paper work.

3. When you come for that meeting please bring along the following: 


For those who are Roman Catholics:
A) an up-to-date copy of your Baptism certificate from the parish where you were baptised.
B) an up-to-date copy of your Confirmation details from the parish where you were Confirmed.
C) a letter from the parish where you were baptised to state that you are free to marry. This is called a Letter of Freedom.
All these can be obtained by contacting the priest of the parish where you were baptised/confirmed.

For those who are not Roman Catholics:
A) If you are baptised - please bring some evidence to show when and where you were baptised.

4. Marriage Preparation Course

Couples preparing for marriage within the Catholic Church are required to undertake a period of marriage preparation. Courses are run by the Diocese of Motherwell. 


5. Several days before the wedding there would normally be a practice. At the practice the following should attend: the bride and groom, the person ‘giving’ the bride away, the two legal witnesses - normally the best man and bridesmaid.

The marriage schedule issued by the registrar should be given to the priest at this practice or, if there is no rehearsal, several days before the marriage ceremony.


If you wish to select your own readings, click on this file to see the recommended readings you can choose from. It also explains how to choose the readings.

Click on the icon to open

a pdf of the readings.

Order of Service

Marriage with Mass - Eucharist

(Both partners are Catholic)

Click on the icon 

to open a pdf of the order of service

Marriage Service 

(This would be a service with readings)​

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to open a pdf of the order of service

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